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About Me

Melissa Stricklin Photo

Image description: Photo of Melissa, a genderfluid white person who has shoulder length brown curly hair and blue eyes. They are wearing a black blazer with a white shirt, and they are standing in front of a plain white background.

Melissa Stricklin, MA, LPCC

My name is Melissa Stricklin (any pronouns are fine), I am a Queer, “ExVangelical” and I serve clients who live in Minnesota as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I enjoy helping my clients find practical techniques to improve their mental health symptoms. My clients tell me that they appreciate the way I provide psychoeducation so that they can understand how the techniques I use can relieve their symptoms. 

I am committed to providing evidence based treatment, doing my own work, and continuing to educate myself about intersectionality. My style has been influenced by Feminist Theory which emphasizes the ways that systemic oppression affects mental health. I practice from a sex positive perspective, and I believe in health at every size. I promise to avoid the “Minnesota nice” approach and instead show up in a way that is honest, straightforward, and kind. Let’s work together to help you start thriving instead of just surviving. 

Fun facts: I enjoy reading fantasy novels, making gluten free treats, and watching wonderfully gay shows (like Steven Universe!) 

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