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About Me

Headshot of Melissa Stricklin

Image description: Photo of Melissa, a genderfluid white person who is smiling at the camera. Melissa has blue eyes and brown hair styled in a French twist. Melissa is wearing a green dress with silver jewelry and they are standing in front of a plain white background.

Melissa Stricklin, MA, LPCC

Melissa's pronouns:

  • Any pronouns are fine


Who I am: 

  • I am a Queer, NeuroSpicy, “ExVangelical” who loves fantasy novels and hates camping

My clients have described my style as...

  • Straightforward

  • Kind 

  • Honest

  • Non judgmental

  • Creative

Together we will...

  • Laugh

  • Re-evaluate 

  • Gain insight

  • Find practical ways to improve your mental health symptoms

 I am committed to…


  • Acknowledging the ways systemic oppression affects mental health 

  • Providing mental health education so you can understand how the techniques I use can relieve your symptoms 

  • Being LGBTQIA+ affirming 

  • Using NeuroDivergent affirming techniques 

  • Having a Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective

  • Having a sex positive perspective

  • Providing evidence based treatment

  • Doing my own work and continuing to educate myself about intersectionality

Headshot of Melissa Stricklin

Let’s work together to help you start thriving instead of just surviving!

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