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Therapy for ADHD

Everyone gets distracted sometimes, but for you, staying on task feels impossible...
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You try so hard to have good boundaries but somehow it always seems like there are far too many things on your schedule. It seems like you have to work twice as hard as others to get the same results. 

Well-intentioned people have given you advice on how to become more organized, but their suggestions never seem to work for you. You have become desensitized to phone reminders and you have a stack of unused daily planners. It seems like no matter how long you have to meet a deadline you always find ways to procrastinate just a little bit longer. 

No one around you seems to understand why keeping up with seemingly basic tasks is so hard for you. When it feels like the whole world is judging you for your struggles, it can be easy to start judging yourself.

Maybe it's ADHD?

You have gone down countless research rabbit holes but you might not be sure whether or not you have ADHD. Perhaps you’ve been told “it’s just anxiety” but you aren’t convinced…

As your therapist, I can help explore the possibility of ADHD. Whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD or not, I have tools that can help you get control of your life.

“Overwhelmed” doesn’t have to be a way of life anymore…

If distraction, indecision, procrastination have put you in a constant state of overwhelm, talking to a therapist can help. 

Fighting against ADHD symptoms is not only exhausting, it’s ineffective. If you are experiencing ADHD symptoms, you need tools that fit your unique needs.

Every day, I use NeuroDiversity affirming approaches to help my clients find ways to work with their symptoms instead of working against them.

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