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Therapy for Trauma

It’s hard to focus on what is happening today
when your mind feels trapped in the past…

You can’t stop thinking about bad things that have happened to you. You are questioning whether you might be overreacting to what happened.


Perhaps you are even questioning whether “trauma” is the right word for what you experienced. 

When people experience something traumatic, they tend to cope by going to one extreme or another. You might avoid talking about the trauma OR you might constantly talk about what happened.


You might shut down, avoid, and numb yourself OR you might engage in risky behaviors just to feel anything at all. 

No matter how you are coping with your trauma right now, therapy can help.

As your therapist, I will listen non judgmentally and validate what you are experiencing (because what you are experiencing IS valid!)  

I will explain your options and answer your questions so you can make an informed decision on how you want to process what happened to you. Maybe you want to tell your story OR perhaps you don’t want to share details about what you’ve been through. I will make sure your voice is heard in the treatment process every step of the way. 

I offer two types of evidence based trauma therapy that have both been shown to provide fast relief (and doesn't require you to discuss details of your trauma). I will provide you with a safe space to begin your healing process.

Let’s work together to help you move from surviving to thriving.


Contact me now to schedule your free consultation!

You will be heard, you will be believed, you will be supported.
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