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Solutions Focused Therapy

Do you want a therapist who will do more than ask “How does that make you feel?"

Have you spent months (or years!) gaining insights about yourself, only to find that you have no idea what to DO about those insights? 

Are you ready to start doing things differently, but don’t know where to begin?
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Solutions Focused therapy may be right for you...

Solutions Focused therapy is designed to help you focus on solutions by helping you discover, create, and maintain the changes you want to see in your life.

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What is a Solutions Focused therapy session like?

As we begin our time together, I will listen non-judgmentally while you describe your problem and tell me how you’ve tried to address your problem. Then we will work together to come up with a plan for what to do next.


As your therapist, I will make sure that you feel heard throughout the process and that our action plans always feel realistic and doable.

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Solutions Focused therapy can...
  • Give you a fresh perspective 
  • Help you feel more hopeful and optimistic
  • Give you a template for how to solve future problems
  • Help you unlock creative problem solving you didn't realize you had
No matter what situation you’re facing,
I am confident we can work as a team
to help you move from feeling stuck to feeling empowered
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